thinking 4.0

Tourism industry has always been adapting to social and technological advancements. In the era of digitalisation and rapid technological development, it needs to adapt again. But how? Tourism is not about factories and products. It is something different. It is about people and their exploration of physical and digital, of known and unknown. Therefore, simply developing data exchange systems is not sufficient.

We want to foster the digitalisation of processes for better understanding of tourism ecosystem and predictions about its stakeholders. For that, first, a tourism impact model is needed in order to develop tools that serve for advanced analytics of behaviour and design strategies to manage tourist flows and boost positive impact in tourism. We are defining criteria of tourism impact and setting dynamic ponders to it that are destination-specific and aligned with the needs and preferences of the local community. The new generation of assessment tools will help to make the step into strategic thinking 4.0, in which data-driven strategies are developed.