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The TRL3-6 Tourism 4.0 project is an inspiration and basis for many solutions oriented toward building the smart tourism ecosystem. We believe that technology is only the tool, while the collaboration between different stakeholders is the true essence and … a challenge. Therefore, we have set ourselves a very ambitious goal: the development of a collaboration platform.

The European answer to the current challenges in the tourism sector is the aim of creating a system, in which all stakeholders collaborate using technology. Such a smart collaborative ecosystem facilitates the development of an equal partnership where global players nourish local interests.


T4.0 Collaboration platform is in the process of development and its functions will be defined on findings gained during the mentioned research and development project. Its main aim is to enable collaboration between all stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem and embrace all of its processes supporting an easy and dynamic exchange of data and information. At the same time, the focus of the development is set on privacy by respecting the GDPR guidelines as well as the specifics of European culture.

The Collaboration Platform will connect all Tourism 4.0 applications to empower the government, tourism providers, destination managers as well as local community and tourists to co-create in a manner that is not harmful to the local environment and its resources. Moreover, the collaboration of all stakeholders will be able to melt the silo mentality and facilitate the smart use of technologies – in order to create sustainable businesses and preserve a beautiful planet for seven generations ahead.

As the platform focuses on collaboration of people, it goes beyond solely connecting as many data sources as possible. It is thus encouraging innovation in the tourism ecosystem by attracting new developers of applications and service designers to generate new data that can be shared on the platform. They will be able to use the publicly available data for developing their own solutions in line with the standards of Tourism 4.0 on privacy, sustainability, quality of service, accessibility for people with disabilities, etc. The data available will therefore be a combination of open source data and data shared from multiple tourism ecosystems. For example, various tourist service providers or public entities will be joining the platform to derive value and make data-driven decisions based on multi-source data, including data from other stakeholders of the platform.

This way, the innovation potential in tourism could be unlocked while new disruptive services and products will be generating further inspiration for development of even more applications encouraging desirable behaviour in tourism. In spirit of collaboration, we are inviting you to contact us either to join the platform and enrich your data or to simply share your needs and wishes to co-create the tourism for the future with us.

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