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Humanity is at a turning point in the evolution process and one can easily feel confused about what is the most important lesson to be learned in this modern age. While focusing on digitalisation itself, many are still missing the broader view that it is not about the machines, or on the fourth or whatever technological revolution, it is about rethinking us, humans.

Creating a space for all key stakeholders to meet, rethink and co-create the future … in which we, human beings, smartly walk the change using technology to happily live with and in nature. A HUTURE.


Huture Summit is organized in a cooperation between Arctur, initiator of the Tourism 4.0 Partnership, School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana and Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, leader of the Strategic and Research Innovation Partnership for Sustainable Tourism. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this year the topic of the conference will focus on tourism for the future and its possible advancements with the help of technology and creative approach to problem solving.

There are 1.3 billion persons travelling per year worldwide. If we consider domestic travel, there are 6.2 billion persons traveling yearly. Thus, even a small positive change in the sector can potentially create a huge impact on the whole society and tourism could become the driving force to create a HUTURE, which is a symbiosis of Human, Nature and Future.

Since collaboration is at the core of Huture, it will be first demonstrated as the meeting of experts as well as academic, business and policy representatives. The conference will take place two days, on 24th and 25th October 2019 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Everyone is welcome to join the movers and shapers - let’s walk the change together!

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