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Starting in Slovenia, we are building a community of partners and aficionados, who want to co-create tourism for the future, in which we all want to live in. We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to contribute to our shared cause in a meaningful way.

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There are 1.3 billion persons travelling per year worldwide. If we consider domestic travel, numbers amount to 6.2 billion persons traveling yearly. Hence, even a small positive change in this sector will have a huge impact on the whole society. As UNWTO, we believe that tourism can become a driver of Sustainable Development Goals. For this reason, Tourism 4.0 Partnership was established to connect various partners to participate in the paradigm shift by implementing ideas of tourism 4.0 in their activities and encourage more projects dealing with digital transformation in tourism in Europe and globally.

The Tourism 4.0 Partnership has been initiated by Arctur’s Research and Innovation department that joined forces with three major universities from the field of tourism and technology to power the largest public funded research project about tourism in the history of Slovenia. The aim of the partnership is to transform the perception of tourism and business around it as well as cultivate strategic thinking 4.0 among its stakeholders. The partnership consists of very diverse partners, such as Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Ministry of Public Administration, Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovenia and Inter-municipal association for blind and partially sighted Nova Gorica as well as global partners such as Washington State University, eco hotels and producers of VR experiences.

Whether you are a researcher, a business, policy maker or just an inspired soul, we are inviting you to join Tourism 4.0 Partnership. It is free and without obligations, but with several benefits! We want to develop tourism 4.0 in collaboration with most various creative and innovative souls. Anyone, who wish to share her or his idea or solution is invited to fill out the form. The more detailed your description will be, the bigger the possibility to attract potential partners. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!