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Tourism 4.0 is a global initiative. It represents a shift in thinking as it puts the local community in the centre of the tourism ecosystem that in addition consists of tourists, tourist service providers and the government. Its aim is to unlock the innovation potential in the whole tourism sector and to create enriched tourist experiences with the help of new technologies.


Projekt TRL3-6

Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-­6 project

The Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-6 project is the largest public funded research and development project focused on tourism in Slovenia. Its goal it to create a model that fosters collaboration between all stakeholders of tourism ecosystem in order to build a T4.0 platform that promotes sustainable tourism and enables development of innovative T4.0 solutions responding to real market needs.
Demo Pilot

Tourism 4.0 Demo Pilot (TRL 7-9)

The objective of the project Demo Pilot Turizem 4.0 is to develop a comprehensive and innovative business environment that will help the business economy to upgrade the interaction between guests and tourism providers. This type of environment will enable the creation of new T4.0 products based on guest’s wishes and expectations. It is a unique solution in the field of sustainable tourism with the support of enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.
Project Black Sea

Tourism 4.0 Black Sea project

The aim of the T4.0 for the Black Sea project is to demonstrate the potential of Big Data Analytics for tourism development in the area of Black Sea. To achieve this, pilot services will be tested and the dialogue with regional stakeholders encouraged. Hence, the project will boost sectorial cooperation and allow a greater usage of the Industry 4.0 technologies.
Heritage in Action

Heritage in Action project

The project develops novel participatory methods and ICT tools to engage young people in heritage practices. The main goal of the research project is to develop a model and test the prototype of the digital learning source that will bring cultural heritage closer to the elementary and secondary school pupils with a special focus on actively motivating them to participate as content developers and learning source testers. The project contributes to the mission of T4.0 Heritage+ programme.

Amazing AOE project

UNESCO Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura Drava Danube is connecting 12 protected areas in 5 countries into first world pentalateral biosphere reserve, also known as the Amazon of Europe (AoE). Project Amazing AoE will enhance sustainable economic growth and tourism development based on distinctive natural and cultural heritage through sustainable development opportunities for managing diversity and resources from local to transnational level, while enabling unique experiences for international visitors.

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