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The idea

The quest of the Tourism 4.0 initiative is to unlock the innovation potential by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders of the smart tourism ecosystem to co-create enriched experiences with the help of the key enabling technologies from Industry 4.0. 



Tourism with local community

Since the early beginnings people have been travelling. Tourism industry has always been adapting to social and technological development. Nowadays, in the era of digitalisation it is facing a new challenge. There are many initiatives around the world dealing with it.

Instead of the tourist, Tourism 4.0 ecosystem puts local inhabitants and their quality of life in the centre and all other stakeholders around them. Within this frame, we are developing a system with innovative tokens, secure digital IDs and other disruptive tools, in which at least part of the data and profit is shared with the local communities.


     R&D spirit into tourism



                         Data driven strategic thinking