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  tourism 4.0

Tourism 4.0 is the initiative dedicated to transform tourism into the driver of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by use of the key enabling technologies from Industry 4.0 (such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data analysis, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.)


In the age of rapid change and technological advancement that make us actors of both, physical and digital experiences, often whether we want it or not, many of us gasp for moments, in which we just feel at ease … like at home. But what is happening in the sector of hospitality, which for centuries has been creating this sensation for travellers also as they were far away from their real homes? Unfortunately, it seems that tourism is not only taking away this feeling from visitors but also from the local inhabitants.

We want to change that. Tourism 4.0 is not only a business concept, but a shift of a mindset. It follows the idea that every small positive impact contributes to the big positive change in the world, just the same as flapping of butterfly wings in one part of the world can cause (or prevent!) a hurricane in another part of the world. With the concepts and solutions from Tourism 4.0 we want to raise awareness about the fact that everyone can have wonderful experiences and simultaneously care about the environment and communities at the tourist destinations. Technologies are already here. Now we need to find ways to learn how we, human beings, can collaborate better.

Most smart tourism initiatives around the world focus on technology advancements, we however believe collaboration is the key to the tourism for the future. Moreover, we centre the tourism ecosystem, including tourists, service providers and the government, around the local community. Through collaboration they continuously improve tourism experience for each other, while we are developing a system with advanced e-vouchers, secure digital IDs and other disruptive tools, in which more data and profit are shared with the local community.

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The Tourism 4.0 Partnership has been initiated by Arctur’s Research and Innovation department where the most different worlds of science, art and business merge into one innovative energy. It has joined forces with three major universities in the country from the field of tourism and technology to power the largest public funded research project on tourism in the history of Slovenia. It is growing and connecting similar souls and partners to co-create the paradigm shift by implementing ideas of tourism 4.0 in their activities and encourage more projects dealing with digital transformation in tourism in Europe and globally. Currently, we are working in the regions of the Black Sea, Alpine Space, Danube, Mediterranean, etc.