Tourism 4.0
  Living Lab

Tourism 4.0 Living Lab is a modern demonstration environment in which solution providers and other stakeholders test, validate and present their solutions, provide training and allow users to experience the complete T4.0 experience in practice. As an inspirational hands-on learning environment, it encourages the cooperation, innovation and development of the entire tourism industry.

Unique location

In physical form T4.0 Living Lab is a special tourism infrastructure in an attractive tourist location, equipped with the latest technologies, sensors and solutions offering guests the ultimate accommodation and experience of the sustainable tourism of the future.


It is a playground for all stakeholders

  • a laboratory environment for testing and validation of the new solutions and business practices,
  • a permanent demonstration space (showroom) for developers of various applications,
  • a training room for actual and future tourist workers who can practice how to deal with coming technologies, solutions and processes,
  • a real-experience simulator for legislators and other decision makers from authority and business to grasp the urgency and impact of different decisions,
  • an ultimate paradise for researchers, teachers and students for hands-on trainings in different roles,

and last, but not least ...

  • a unique experience for tourists who want to co-create the tourism of the future.

Imagine supply and demand side innovating under one roof. T4.0 Living Lab staff supports the matching of different aspirations and interests of all stakeholders and connects them in most various formats of experiences at the location.

Build your own T4.0 Living Lab

The first T4.0 Living Lab is planned to be built in 2021 in Slovenia. Do you have own experiences or aspirations of this kind? Share with us ideas about potential locations, interest for research activities and trainings, applications ready to be integrated with pillars of T4.0 or inspiration of any kind. With partners from other countries we want to build a vivid network of T4.0 Living Labs around the world.


Have an idea? Or just want to know more?