Camper Stop 

With a set of innovative technological solutions Smart Camper Stop transforms caravan stops into smart and self-sustainable tourist locations with benefits for travellers and local community. Caravanning is becoming a popular segment of tourism as Europe hit the record with over 360.000 sold campers in 2019 and 2020. The Caravan Market is growing 7,66 % annualy. Europe holds the largest share and has built an extensive network of campsites, which provide the infrastructure (e.g. parking spots, electricity, water). However, today's caravan tourists need more and demand a better experience. The proper answer is Smart Camper stop, a set of innovative technological solutions that overall upgrade the users' experience and bring positive impacts on the local community.



The ultimate overnight experience

The Tourism 4.0 solution brings a sustainable and holistic approach and upgrades the existing infrastructure with digitalisation of processes. The result is a completely automatized Smart Camper Stop offering online reservation of the parking spot, automatic check-in, smart in&out control, smart connectors (water, electricity, wi-fi, etc.) with online payments of the tourist tax, electricity, etc.



One of the game-changing innovations is the solution Easy Chem, a patented innovation that 100% assures ecological waste disposal and therefore nullifies the negative impact on the environment - no more uncontrolled waste and faecal water displace in nature.

But there is more. The Smart Camper Stop builds its experience by creating a win-win situation. With the parcel machines for the local goods, it creates a new level of cooperation with the local community. Guests can connect online with the local providers, order and pay for local goods, which wait for them at the camper stop in the parcel machine, which can be opened with mobile phone. Tourism 4.0 innovations respect the quality of life of local residents; the parcel machines are in use throughout the year. Outside the tourist season, local resident can use them for pick-up of their package delivery.

The Impact of the Smart Camper Stop

Often the local community doesn't welcome the campers with great kindness as there is a lot of wild parking, negative impacts on the environment with very limited economic benefits. Smart Camper Stop is changing that. It enables holistic digital management covering all aspects – e.g. online reservations, payments, on-site digital in&out control, supporting local economy with the tourist tax payments, including local providers in the camper stop eco-system and benefiting from selling local goods. Innovation Smart Camper Stop is a technology supporting primarily people – local residents and tourists.

Connection to the T4.0 Core

Smart Camper Stop is connected with T4.0 Core, the collaboration platform and shares the data from the application. This is a new way of data management in Europe as data is collected on the local level and has the potential for the use by the local market strategic planning, creation of pricing strategies, etc.


In addition to Smart Camper Stop, Tourism 4.0 offers T4.0 Core - a collaboration platform from which it draws various data, FLOWS (analysis of tourist flows), CIT (redirection of flows through incentives/rewards) and TIM (which helps to define destination carrying capacity and assess the impact of tourism).

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