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5Dculture enriches the offer of European 3D digital cultural heritage assets in the data space and fosters their reuse in important domains such as education, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sectors towards socially and economically sustainable outcomes. The project facilitates management, enrichment and reuse of 3D content and deploys a series of digital technologies and tools such as relevant AI and semantic technologies, creating and promoting capacity building materials and activities to equip cultural heritage institutions with the necessary knowledge and skills for a wider reuse of their 3D cultural assets. The consortium is composed of highly skilled organisations knowledgeable in the principles and strategy of the new Data Space for cultural heritage, with complementary expertise that covers the entire value chain, capable of successfully delivering the project objectives.


Deploying and Demonstrating a 3D cultural heritage space – 5Dculture

Financed by: 

Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

Start – end:

January 2023 - December 2024



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  • IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH (Lead Partner)
  • Stichting Europeana
  • European Fashion Heritage Association
  • Time Machine Organisation
  • Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europe
  • Inception
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  • Central Museum
  • University of Jaen
  • Discovery Programme
  • Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
  • Arctur