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Many small medium-altitude snow tourism destinations and communities across the Alpine Space area are facing climate change issues, especially regarding the diminishment of snow coverage. Climatic data indicate that this effect will considerably worsen in the future. BeyondSnow aims at increasing the socio-ecologic climate resilience of snow tourism destinations and communities and enable them to retain their attractiveness for residents and tourists, by specifically considering eco-system-based approaches. New sustainable development paths, transition processes, and implementable solutions will be conjointly devised within specific pilot working areas, which are spatially distributed across six Alpine countries, differing in size, development level and criticalities. 


Enhancing the Resilience of Alpine Space Snow Tourism Destinations and Communities to Climate Change

Financed by:

Interreg Alpine Space

Start – end:

November 2022 – October 2025


2,7M EUR

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  • EURAC (Lead partner)
  • Legambiente Lombardia
  • Polytechnic of Turin
  • Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Mountain Community of Carnia
  • EGTC Alpine Pearls ltd
  • Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska
  • Arctur computer engineering d.o.o.
  • Deggendorf Institute of Technology
  • Swiss Centre for mountain regions SAB
  • Community Network “Alliance in the Alps”
  • Association for the promotion of the transitions’ factory