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The increasing need and demand for data in the tourism sector and its interconnected cross-sector markets require a coordinated effort to accelerate the development and deployment of a European Tourism Data Space: By connecting the data-related technologies, involving the whole ecosystem, generating multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance and by enabling end-to-end trust, privacy, security, processing, analytics and inclusion, all players in the market will be able to benefit from the added values provided by better access to tourism data. End-to-end strategies should create intelligent “spaces” using different levels of intelligence among the heterogeneous stakeholders, as well as context-based security and trust to share data. This environment will enable the actors to interact seamlessly among them and with other data spaces and provides a powerful foundation for data-driven innovations and an independent European digital market in the future.


European Data Space for Tourism - DATES

Financed by: 

Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

Start – end:

November 2022 - October 2023



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