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Among the actual challenges concerning destination management, the development of “smart destinations” is a leading topic towards a sustainable future for tourism and territorial development. Therefore, it is necessary to train new professionals that can manage different dimensions of innovation enablement. The MEDS project builds on the initiative of European Capitals of Smart Tourism which encourages European destinations to develop, among others, innovative and inclusive solutions for sustainable and accessible tourism, strengthening the function of heritage and cultural industry and creativity as tourist goods and commons,  educating new Managers of European Smart Destinations, also creating Meds Academy in the process.


Managers of European Smart Destinations

Financed by:


Start – end:

January 2023 – December 2024


250K EUR

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  • Destination Makers S.r.l. (Lead partner)
  • Synthesis Center for Research & Education
  • Bulgarian tourist chamber
  • Loov Esti
  • Arctur
  • ASSET BASILICATA Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio della Basilicata