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Tourism 4.0
  TRL 3-6

Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-6 Research Project is the biggest R&D public founded project in the field of tourism in Slovenia. It aims to unlock the innovation potential in tourism by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders of the smart tourism ecosystem. Its goal is to build a collaborative tourism ecosystem centred around the local community enabling data driven strategic planning and boosting positive impact of tourism.


Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-6 – enriched tourist experience

Co-financed by: 

Start – end:

September 2018 - August 2021


2.3M EUR

  • MIZŠ
  • EU funds

   the project

Tourism 4.0 is a new paradigm adapting the concepts from Industry 4.0 to the tourism sector by introducing new business models supported with technology such as IoT, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR and AR in order build a collaborative tourism ecosystem. Arctur company leads the consortium of partners from all three major universities in the country: Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, University of Primorska, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, and Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor.

The associate partner of this research and development project is Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia since Tourism 4.0 ecosystem is centred around the local community and the paradigm shift strives to co-create tourism for the future, in which more data and profit is shared with the local community. At the same time, it is fostering engagement of all stakeholders, including tourists, service providers and government representatives to continuously improve tourism experience for everyone. With collaboration a new generation of digital tools is being developed in order to manage tourist flows, personalize tourism experiences and boost positive impact.

The main goal of the project is to build a collaborative Tourism 4.0 platform, a disruptive technological solution built on trust and exchange of data between all tourism stakeholders for sprouting a new generation of tourist applications, services and processes while respecting the user’s data privacy.


As a reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, a new initiative #TourismFromZero has been co-established with the AIRTH to provide a one-stop-shop for problems and solutions surrounding travel, tourism, hospitality, and leisure after the pandemic. We do not search for the strategies to merely recover tourism activities, but wish to rebuild tourism for the future that benefits all stakeholders of tourism ecosystem.

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