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Web3Tour will focus on training cultural tourism stakeholders so they reduce the knowledge gap on digital skills, digital entrepreneurship and explore the new opportunities blockchain and Web 3.0 provide. The last decades, technology has experienced exponential growth. This results in the transformation of various industries, as well as the industry of tourism. The industry of tourism, in many European countries the flagship of the national economy, is facing some challenges that alter the benefits of tourism both for the regional and national economy and the experience of the tourist as well. Digitalization of the Cultural Tourism industry and reinforcing the digital skills and knowledge of Cultural Tourism stakeholders can be the answer to challenges. For tourism businesses to remain relevant and competitive, it is necessary for them to embrace technology. The consumers’ behaviour is transforming, the competition is increased and for a tourism SME to keep up with those systemic changes, they have to increase their digital footprint.


Web 3.0 Accelerator for Sustainable Cultural Tourism

Co-financed by:

Creative Europe

Start – end:

November 2023 - October 2025


199K EUR

  • creative-eu

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  • Envolve Cyprus, Cyprus (Lead partner)
  • Arctur, Slovenia
  • The Futurecats, Greece