With innovative co-creation and technologies from Industry 4.0 we are changing the perception of tourism and business sector around it.

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  • Stavros
    The wider Black Sea region has great potential to untap, and further cooperation between
    Regional Authorities and other key stakeholders is crucial.
    Stavros Kalognomos
    Balkan and Black Sea Commission (BBSC) - Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)
  • Matej & Mattej
    Luxury travel is very much depending on service excellence and unique experiences.
    Technology could be essential part of providing that in innovative way. (2021)
    Matej Knific & Mattej Valencic
    Co-founders of Luxury Slovenia DMC
  • Tanja Bivic Plankar
    Tourism was hit by covid the hardest and for the longest. Thus, linking it to the innovations
    as represented by the blockchain can mean its recovery and a significant revival. (2021)
    Tanja Bivic Plankar
    Blockchain Alliance Europe
  • Etuna Lomadze
    Data analysis ensures objective understanding of tourism impact, which is key for preparing strategies for future development of tourism in the city (2020)
    Etuna Lomadze
    Batumi City Hall
  • Strategic development of sustainable tourism is only possible on the basis of
    data analytics and with collaboration of all stakeholders in tourism. (2020)
    Gieorgi Bregadze
    Georgian National Tourism Administration
  • Oleg Rubel
    Project Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea is the first application of big data analytics
    for the tourism sector on a regional basis. I am really looking forward to seeing the results. (2020)
    Oleg Rubel
    Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Tomaž Curk
    Big data, artificial intelligence and data mining
    are key to a sustainable and personalised tourism. (2018)
    Tomaž Curk
    Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana
  • Janez Mekinc
    You have to live a life to understand it.
    Tourists just pass through. (2018)
    Janez Mekinc
    Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, University of Primorska
  • Dejan Križaj
    Innovation is about connecting the dots. The magic is in creating enriched
    individualized experiences, rooted in local culture, its heritage and contemporary energies. (2018)
    Dejan Križaj
    Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, University of Primorska
  • Peter Wostner
    Service that doesn’t feel like a service -> co-creation,
    out of the box, using technology with a human face = Tourism 4.0 (2018)
    Peter Wostner
    Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
  • Nena Dokuzov
    If through AI come advantages and blockchain brings them to people,
    than tourism 4.0 should change the advantages into values. (2018)
    Nena Dokuzov
    Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
  • Janko Humar
    Tourism 4.0 could be an exciting adventure transforming us from followers
    to leaders and creators. Are we able to take this opportunity? (2018)
    Janko Humar
    Tourism Soča Valley
  • Saša
    It is more about the mindshift than the transformation from analogue to digital bits.
    Technologies enable us to use data for sustainable development of local communities and circular tourism. (2018)
    Saša Kek
    Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia
  • Jurij Krpan
    Cross-reality experiences: moving around in virtual space mentally while walking
    in physical space; they must be articulated with completely new experience design solutions. (2018)
    Jurij Krpan
    Kapelica Gallery
  • Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar
    Personalized tourism services, viable business models, and sustainable
    policies are what Tourism 4.0 can bring to life. (2018)
    Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar
    Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor
  • Janez Potočnik
    If we combine the potential of tourism with various available technologies,
    Slovenia can become an ideal pilot model. (2018)
    Janez Potočnik
    UN National Resource Panel
  • Eva Štravs Podlogar
    The biggest challenge: how to use new technologies to
    enhance the tourist experience without interfering with her or his privacy. (2018)
    Eva Štravs-Podlogar
    State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
  • Tomi Ilijaš
    With innovative co-creation and technology we are changing the
    perception of tourism and business sector around it. (2018)
    Tomi Ilijaš
    CEO, Arctur
  • Urška Starc-Peceny
    Tourism 4.0 is not just about technology, it is about people
    and their experiencing of travelling ... in physical and digital world. (2018)
    Urška Starc-Peceny
    CIO, Lead Tourism 4.0 Department, Arctur