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Tourism Impact Model (TIM) is an award-winning comprehensive tool for modelling and optimisation of the tourism impact on a local ecosystem through fostering collaboration between different stakeholders. It enables assessment of the impact of tourism on different societal aspects (Environment, Economy, Culture, Health, Education etc.) in order to reach sustainable development in a specific geographical area by following the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Search for the true impact of Tourism

Local inhabitants, tourist service providers, authorities … every stakeholder has its own subjective perception of the reality. TIM brings real data in the perception of the impact of tourism to sharpen the real picture for everyone and allow data driven strategic planning.


The benefits for a destination

  • Built-in transparency and inclusion of local inhabitants in strategic planning.
  • Supervised collecting of data from various sources and their transformation into valuable information.
  • Real picture of the whole spectrum of positive and negative impacts of tourism based on real data.
  • Complex concepts made simple and understandable through visualisation of results and sets of recommendations for improvements.
  • Dynamic real data simulations of possible scenarios for quick and competent response in all situations.

How it works

The process is supervised by TIM Certified Consultants and includes the following steps:

Process TIM


Easy to understand results with Destination Character Chart™

Destination Character Chart is a tool for visualisation of the destination character, summarising values of hundreds of indicators grouped into a 3-dimensional matrix combining: Positive impact of tourism (Benefits), negative impact of tourism (Resource consumption) and General conditions of the destination.

  • TIM Graph
  • TIM Graph
  • TIM Graph
  • TIM Graph
  • TIM Graph


We are searching for

  • Tourist destinations, regions and countries worldwide to become TIM beta users,
  • Experts to become TIM Certified specialists,
  • Researchers to join our R&D team in the future development of TIM.

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