platform T4.0 

T4.0 Core is built on state of the art HPC infrastructure supported by AI, blockchain and HPDA, which ensures efficient, safe and transparent access to data and its exchange. It is the core of Tourism 4.0 and interconnects the four technology pillars (TIM, FLOWS, CIT and DOTI).

T4.0 Core, a tool for collaboration

Technology is only a tool whereas collaboration of stakeholders of tourism ecosystem is the essence and challenge. With the Collaboration platform T4.0 Core, we wish to encourage collaboration of all stakeholders and develop processes to support simple and privacy (GDPR) compliant dynamic data exchange. T4.0 Core is more than integration of data sources (open data sources, data from external applications) – it fosters applications to use, exchange and include data for information discovery, service enrichment and user experience improvement to co-create new data, bring added value and innovation in tourism, and improve strategic decision making based on real data and information.

T4.0 Core is semantically organised data storage, where applications store their data. It includes tools for search and merging of data and supports secure exchange of enriched data between stakeholders. Use of joint data catalogue enables discovery, search, understanding and increases trust in data. T4.0 Core supports sustainable development of services and products, improves interaction of stakeholders in development, and increases added value of services.

T4.0 Core APIs

T4.0 Core interoperability interface (T4.0 Core API) supports integration of various applications to communicate, cooperate, upgrade and exchange data to build comprehensive solutions. T4.0 Core API connects applications that provide data with those that read them. The application determines which data will be shared and how (open, internal, payable use) and its structure in the knowledge base.

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