FLOWS - analysis
   of tourist flows

Tourist destination managers, service providers, researchers want to better understand tourist flows: what impact traffic flows have, when occur traffic peaks, what are the seasonal effects, which areas are more / less congested with tourists, how the weather, holidays and other events affect. With the help of analyses and forecasts, they could prepare for periods of increased visits, adjust marketing activities, service offerings or resources allocation. Today, the study of tourist mobility is largely based on surveys, physical observation and guesswork based on past experience.


FLOWS is one of the four pillars of Tourism 4.0. It will enable GDPR compliant advanced analyses and forecasts of tourist movements based on anonymised data from a multitude of different sources (traffic counters, data from mobile operators, freely accessible Wi-Fi networks, tourist tax, vignettes sold, water and energy consumption, waste, social media posts, etc.). A simple user interface will display traffic flows: excessive traffic loads, seasonal deviations, entrances / exits to destination, movement within the destination, etc. It will be possible to display the analyses in the selected time interval (year, month, week, day), forecasts based on historical data, weighted by special parameters (weekend, weather, national or holiday in other countries, etc.).

Example of visualisation of tourist flows analysis
at the country level and for selected region/destination:

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